2013, a year in review

Spade team Catherine at work Vide ton cache Smartphone

Damned, what a great year !

So many things to say, so many people that we had the chance to meet, so many websites and identities that have been (re)done by our team.

Just a few lines to list the key moments of Spade in 2013.

ChiconValley – the Open Device Lab

Announced by the end of the year : Our device lab is open for you to test the mobile readiness of your websites. Don’t hesitate to book your seat, to take part to the initiative by offering us one of your Dusty Devices or to support us with a share.


The support of a company during the creation of a new interface for their main product : a CRM application. A consulting project using the full spectrum of our methodology: user tracking to understand current habits, mental model to redefine the core of each area, wireframes, design research, html/css framework setup and mentoring.


We had the chance to convince the main gas transport company of our country to work with us to manage their online and printed visual identity. 2014 will be a very exciting year in helping such a big player.

Food Drink Europe Annual Report

One of the biggest EU association decided to avoid wasting tons of paper in a traditional Annual Report and switched to a full online, responsive report. A step ahead in the sustainable direction.


An industrial agency that supports its customers in the fight against noise and vibrations asked us a new website to present its product catalog.

La Ligue de l’Enseignement

Revamp of a news portal, a new booking application for its training sessions, and a school directory using a dedicated faceted search engine.

Année des Compétences

We developed and hosted the site of this major event for the FOREM. Delivering a simple CMS to the project team to schedule events, follow-up registrations and manage their online visibility.

City Plug

For the second time, Cityplug told us the creation of a new identity and updating its interfaces mode responsive to follow new trends.

easyFairs – the mobile app

We conceived the user experience and the user interface of the second version of this app for the show visitors.

Products’ QRcode scanning, show floormap, exhibitor list,… all information available on the event in your pocket.


When a brewery is endangered in a neighborghood dispute over access to the first resource, it appeals to our agency to organize a mobilization campaign online. Petitions, facebook page, social networks and local actions to raise awareness … we worked on a set of elements that have functioned particularly well.

The Spade team

People at Spade have dreams and of course want to accomplish them. During 2013 Greg took off to San Francisco, Jean-François to other heaven, Denis Junior starts his professional life in our office, Anne makes us happy for 3 months, Caroline and Sophie for two and Laura for one.

We wish we will have such an intense activity in 2014.

Pétillante Année Benoît Tourne Disque Denis et Catherine

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