Video Conference

Spade in times of sanitary crisis / meetings

Because of the lockdown requested to handle the spread of CoVid-19, you might have to do some homeworking. How could you plan out meetings withyour colleagues and partners? At Spade, we are huge fans of long-distance collaboration, since our agency is split in two different offices (one located in Namur, the other one in Brussels)…. Read more

Prix de l'UPMC 2019 - Prix Digital

Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège and Spade win the UPMC 2019 Prize

The digital platform of the Opéra de Liège designed by Spade, was honored at the 21st edition of the Union Professionnelle des Métiers de la Communication (UPMC) Awards. A look back at the success of an ambitious project. The 21st UPMC Awards Ceremony was held last May at the Val Benoît in Liège. Spade’s team… Read more

101 workshops

Last month we reached the number of 100 workshops realized with our clients. At the very first start, 3 years ago, we proposed the “standalone” workshop concept : in 3 group work sessions, we can develop a digital strategy, prototype an app or a website. And today it has become an essential part of our… Read more