GDPR: the epidemic of newsletters seeking express consent

GDPR-3 – Not a day without newsletters, reaching us for a long long long time, in the quest for our explicit consent. Forgetting about the legitimate interest, consent overrides any other reason for storing, processing and using data. This is of course the least contestable approach, but it is also, for an existing relationship, the… Read more

GDPR – Map its data processing operations and justify them

GDPR-2 – This is the first operational step of the methodology (vade-mecum pdf) recommended by the CNIL: mapping. In the case of Spade, we are a web agency, the main data processing takes place around our main display, our website. We are asked by our customers to explain some of the treatments induced by the… Read more

Google search and mobile usage, the SEO change

In less than one month Google will adapt the ranking of websites in their search results according to their mobile readiness.

If your web site is not looking good on a mobile devices, it will be less promoted on the SERP, because approximatively 30% of the search traffic is now mobile. Why push bad looking sites while Google can promote great experiences to demanding users ?