Teleworking and file sharing

3° challenge of remote collaboration: how to share documents between collaborators? The situation We saw in the first two e-mails that in order to telework efficiently you had to : To be able to chat with your colleagues by video conference… Manage a project in agile mode to coordinate the tasks of each member of… Read more

Teleworking and agile project management

How can you coordinate a team when everyone is teleworking? In the first article we saw how it was possible to connect a meeting of people to videoconferencing through different tools. When you need to collaborate in a team, and especially when it is dispersed, you need tools that allow you to manage your project… Read more

Video Conference

Spade in times of sanitary crisis / meetings

Because of the lockdown requested to handle the spread of CoVid-19, you might have to do some homeworking. How could you plan out meetings withyour colleagues and partners? At Spade, we are huge fans of long-distance collaboration, since our agency is split in two different offices (one located in Namur, the other one in Brussels)…. Read more