Welcoming the latest Spade team member

As the few who read our blog will remember, we posted our first job offer back in February. We were looking for a kickass front-end developer, and we found him. So today we’re welcoming Maxime Laforet (@macxim on twitter) in our team. He’ll work with us doing front-end development and integration, respecting Webstandards and using… Read more

CityPlug: An experiment with CSS Frameworks

We’re generally not proponents of CSS frameworks. Our common approach is usually the “build your own” one. Before I dive deeper, what is a CSS framework? A set of pre-defined CSS files, and conventions on classes and HTML elements that simplify building an app/website. For example, a CSS framework might define, in a resusable way,… Read more

Think “Responsive Design”

If you are a happy owner of a smartphone or tablet, you are already familiar with ways to consume and interact with content on these platforms. But building all those apps & websites costs money… and we still need websites for the “classic” desktop users. Is there another way to merge all those fabulous ideas into… Read more