Paris Web 2012 : We’re doing a workshop on Responsive Design

We are very pleased to announce that Spade will be part of this edition. We will be leading a workshop called “Getting Started with Responsive Web design” (Bien démarrer avec le Responsive Web design) on Saturday, Oct. 20th. But apart from the inevitable stress of our presentation, we’re also looking forward to meeting other great folks… Read more

Cross-browser compatibility

It’s not always easy to explain to our clients the Cross-browser Compatibility concept. Each of them has his own habits with a particular browser like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or, worse , Internet Explorer (let’s not even talk about Opera, we never met any prospect using it). Anyway, here is what could be a… Read more

CityPlug: An experiment with CSS Frameworks

We’re generally not proponents of CSS frameworks. Our common approach is usually the “build your own” one. Before I dive deeper, what is a CSS framework? A set of pre-defined CSS files, and conventions on classes and HTML elements that simplify building an app/website. For example, a CSS framework might define, in a resusable way,… Read more