Plug your devices! Music or Device Lab, same struggle !

10 recent interesting resources about responsive web design

1. Responsive Design with Mockups If you are using Balsamiq to create wireframes, you will be happy to read this blogpost explaining the best practices with this famous software. The tool is a little bit tricky anyway, so maybe you will prefer another design approach. 2. Macaw : The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool After some weeks of… Read more

Spade is launching Chicon Valley an Open Device Lab in Brussels

We are very excited to announce Chicon Valley as the First Open Device Lab in Brussels. In a near future it will provide more services like events, small conferences or workshops. But for now let’s keep it simple with a new service open to anyone in the community. What’s an Open Device Lab ? Open Device Labs are… Read more

Paris Web 2012 : We’re doing a workshop on Responsive Design

We are very pleased to announce that Spade will be part of this edition. We will be leading a workshop called “Getting Started with Responsive Web design” (Bien démarrer avec le Responsive Web design) on Saturday, Oct. 20th. But apart from the inevitable stress of our presentation, we’re also looking forward to meeting other great folks… Read more