Nuit Blanche : a website for any surfer

We recently worked on the website for the annual event called “Nuit Blanche” in Brussels. This year, the focus was set on “accessibility”. In the official program (the print and the online version), you will see the icons for different kind of services offered to people who don’t necessarily have all the senses to enjoy… Read more

An interactive greetings card

The end of the year is one of the best moments to create a tiny campaign where print & web can meet each other. A balanced mix between classic, glossy supports and an interactive way to wish all the best (or the worse !) to others. Spade had the opportunity to realize this mix for… Read more

CityPlug: An experiment with CSS Frameworks

We’re generally not proponents of CSS frameworks. Our common approach is usually the “build your own” one. Before I dive deeper, what is a CSS framework? A set of pre-defined CSS files, and conventions on classes and HTML elements that simplify building an app/website. For example, a CSS framework might define, in a resusable way,… Read more