The Belgian Red Cross website : backstage of a revamp like no other

It's a pleasure for the whole team to announce today the release of the new Belgian Red Cross website.  It was an opportunity for Spade to implement several innovative ideas for managing a large project with budgetary constraints in collaboration with Julien Lambé and his Themosis framework. The challenge was huge, back on the essential steps… Read more

Spade, first winner of the Excellence Award FeWeb 2015

At the annual congress of the FEWEB (Belgian Federation of Web businesses) at Wolubilis in Brussels, Spade was awarded this year 2015 by the first FeWeb Excellence Awards. We had the chance to get a reward for one of our project of this year: the creation of the website of Amnesty International (French section of… Read more

Spade blossoms, recent work

New projects come out of the box. Forem – 2013 Année des compétences ONLINE 2013 is a special year for the Forem (The Walloon  public service for employment and training) and a serie of their partners (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Bruxelles Formation, …) : they decided to focus the public opinion on “Skills” : 2013, the year of… Read more