The Belgian Red Cross website : backstage of a revamp like no other

It's a pleasure for the whole team to announce today the release of the new Belgian Red Cross website.  It was an opportunity for Spade to implement several innovative ideas for managing a large project with budgetary constraints in collaboration with Julien Lambé and his Themosis framework. The challenge was huge, back on the essential steps… Read more

Google search and mobile usage, the SEO change

In less than one month Google will adapt the ranking of websites in their search results according to their mobile readiness.

If your web site is not looking good on a mobile devices, it will be less promoted on the SERP, because approximatively 30% of the search traffic is now mobile. Why push bad looking sites while Google can promote great experiences to demanding users ?

Plug your devices! Music or Device Lab, same struggle !

10 recent interesting resources about responsive web design

1. Responsive Design with Mockups If you are using Balsamiq to create wireframes, you will be happy to read this blogpost explaining the best practices with this famous software. The tool is a little bit tricky anyway, so maybe you will prefer another design approach. 2. Macaw : The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool After some weeks of… Read more