Nuit Blanche : a website for any surfer

We recently worked on the website for the annual event called “Nuit Blanche” in Brussels. This year, the focus was set on “accessibility”. In the official program (the print and the online version), you will see the icons for different kind of services offered to people who don’t necessarily have all the senses to enjoy… Read more

M’eat Bagels

“Meet” and “eat” are two words that we love to gather at Spade. One of our last meeting was directed by our internal chef who decided to cook homemade bagels. No taste here sorry, just words and pictures that assure you that it was a great moment… and an efficient meeting !

Cross-browser compatibility

It’s not always easy to explain to our clients the Cross-browser Compatibility concept. Each of them has his own habits with a particular browser like Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or, worse , Internet Explorer (let’s not even talk about Opera, we never met any prospect using it). Anyway, here is what could be a… Read more