Welcoming the latest Spade team member

As the few who read our blog will remember, we posted our first job offer back in February. We were looking for a kickass front-end developer, and we found him.

Maxime LaforetSo today we’re welcoming Maxime Laforet (@macxim on twitter) in our team. He’ll work with us doing front-end development and integration, respecting Webstandards and using the latest techniques, on our Client’s and our internal projects. Maxime moved from France to Brussels to work with us. If that’s not being motivated, we don’t know what is.

We’re all glad to have him here, and we’re pretty sure he’ll do a great job. So welcome Maxime!

Please note that although this job offer is closed, we’re always welcoming resumes from candidates or freelancers. So wether you’re a designer, front-end or back-end developer, send us your portfolio and surprise us!

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